The Poll Highland the highland without horns

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Mayfield Highlands -
home of the Highland - without horns!

Myself (Julia) and husband Kerry, live on 90 acres in a small country town called Bungaree, 15 km from Ballarat, about 100 km from Melbourne, Victoria Australia.
Our soil is rich red volcanic soil ideal for potatoes, and of course Highland Cattle.
We have been breeding and showing Highland Cattle since 1991 and continue today. 

About 2008 we purchased three pure bred poll highland cows which were bred up from Luings (3/4 highland 1/4 shorthorn) and from those cows we bred two poll highland bulls and one poll highland cow. 
 These Poll Highlands were inspected by the Australian Highland Cattle Society and were accepted as true Highland Cattle. 
Using my poll bulls over my traditional highlands they produce about half poll and half horned.  Now I am breeding poll to poll, I only have the odd horn crop up.  A Homozygous (2 poll genes) bull or cow will produce all poll highlands, regardless whether either parent is horned. They may be a homozygote poll or heterozygote poll.

I currently have poll bulls for sale and Poll Highland Semen, please check out the "For Sale" page.

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